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We all have our own problems and issues that we need to deal with and get over, but why is it that we would rather play the victim instead?

Why would we much rather come up with excuses of why we can’t move on than actually move on?

It’s funny how many of us choose to look the other way when certain signs are presented to us.

We get into a fight with a loved one and we end up seeing only our version of the story. We fail to see what they see through their eyes. In turn, we end up playing the victim to our own defenses. When we see only our side or our version of something it gives a crutch to lean on. It allows us to say we are the victim and not to see what other possibilities there could be.

We lose our jobs or a big promotion and we become completely disconnected to the idea that there could be something bigger at play here. We fail to notice that it might be coming from a place of our ignorance. We are so quick to take ownership of what we have accomplished and our own successes, being that it was something that we created ourselves. But what about when something goes wrong? If something goes wrong we  just assume that it was the other person’s fault and that we have nothing to do with it.

We assume we are not guilty in the verdict.

But when we do that we remain bound to the idea of being the victim.

Someone that loves us could tell us where we went wrong, but do we actually listen? I mean, do we really take the time to listen and see where the problem is? It’s easy to point out other people’s failures and where they went wrong. In fact we are all too quick to jump on that train at a moment’s notice. But when it comes to our own failures we turn the other cheek and look to someone else to blame.

Why do we feel there is a disconnect?

Is it because we are just simply failing to see the connection? Or is it because we simply train ourselves to think, feel and believe that it’s got nothing to do with us?

Why is listening only valuable to us when it suits our own agenda?

It’s ironic how so many speak about the high prices that we have to pay for certain truths. But what it all boils down to us how high are we willing to go.  To what truths are we looking to see? Are we seeking out only our own truths or are we seeking out the actual truth? Because believe it or not there is a difference.

The difference lies in our own judgment and how we view the world. If we are only viewing the world through a polluted and delusional sense of self, how can that get us anywhere?

What is about playing and remaining the victim that is so enticing to us? Even if we are presented with an alternate way of looking at something ,we still choose to stay where we are. When that happens how can we expect to move forward? How can we expect our truths to be given a chance, when we fail to give the actual truth a chance?

When it comes to taking ownership of our lives, why does that often times become the bigger price to pay?

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