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There’s a big event coming up tonight. An exciting party. A very important business meeting. A reunion with friends or family members. And you have an unexpected and very unwelcome guest – a big old zit, smack dab in the middle of your face.

It sounds like a high school horror story (think the morning before prom), but pimples can unfortunately happen long after that. Still, that doesn’t mean we should surrender to Clearasil, cover-up, and a prayer that no one notices. Though it’s impossible to entirely prevent acne from happening (and unfortunately, some of us are more prone to pimples than others), there are little steps you can take in your daily routine to make pimples less welcome on your face. Read on to find out about simple tips for preventing pimples.

Cleanse your face daily even when there are no noticeable problems with your skin. Although your face might not look dirty, bacteria can build up throughout the day and mix with oil produced on your skin. It’s always better to nip a potential problem in the bud before a bump or two emerges, and a great preventative method is consistently keeping clean

Try not to touch your face throughout the day.

If you absolutely must, wash your hands before doing so. During the day, you’re touching endless amounts of objects – the keys on your laptop, doorknobs, food, and sometimes other people. Naturally, that’s a lot of germ buildup throughout the day. No wonder Mom and Dad always instilled it in your head to wash your hands before and after every meal. Try applying that same practice to touching your own face. If at all possible, though, avoid it.

If you wear makeup, never wear it to bed.

Web MD reports that leaving cosmetics on while you sleep can clog your pores. That, in turn, will leave you more prone to breakouts since you’re leaving the material on your face for an extended period of time. During the day, opt for powder cosmetics as opposed to cream-based makeup, as the latter can cause irritation a lot more easily.

Don’t wait too long to take a shower after you’ve done some type of physical activity, such as running on the treadmill or lifting weights, that causes you to sweat. Much like leaving makeup on your face for an extended period of time, leaving the oil and sweat residue on your skin can be very detrimental to your skin. It leaves you vulnerable to bacteria and oil buildup, and thus, future breakouts.

Eat less sugar and more vegetables.

Turns out this healthy practice is good for more than just maintaining a healthy body weight. It’s been reported that vegetables help reduce inflammation in your skin, including any inflammation or congestion that may occur on your face. Sugar, in contrast, aggravates acne by adding more testosterone levels in your body responsible for the oil that ultimately causes pimples.

Got any other tips for preventing pimples? Leave them in the comments below.

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