We have all heard the stories before about this happening.

We read it in the news and we watch it on TV, but when two people become engaged and committed to another too quickly are they really in love or are they trying to justify something more?

FreeDigitalPhotos.net By Boykung

FreeDigitalPhotos.net By Boykung

Take this scenario for example.

Two people meet and they instantly hit it off. They have so much in common or at least they feel that they do. So they fall under this spell and they can’t imagine a life without one another.

This all sounds great, right?

But wait a minute here… it’s only been a week. This is not natural.

Two people need time to get to know one another and yet they feel they can justify this one week blurb as something called love.

Now maybe for some it is, but for most people out there it’s basically the fact that they have been having sex with one another the whole time, and in order to escape the guilt they are looking to claim it as love. So if they have been having sex for the last week why can’t they be honest and say that it is just lust and leave it at that?

Is it because the guilt is so bad inside that they feel that they have to make into something that it is not? I’m not saying that love at first sight doesn’t happen, but within a week, come on. See– for many who have done this they need an alibi for the non-stop sex they have been having. So, they figure why not say that we are getting married. And this is not something that can happen within a week or so.

I have known couples who have known each other for maybe six months or around there and have gotten engaged. Could it be love? Perhaps? But an even bigger guess it’s that if they are not having sex, they want to have sex and they are looking for an excuse to get the party started. So they figure why not announce that they are engaged. For some out there, their religious views play a role in this. Their religious upbringing¬† clings to the ideal that you need to be married in order to have sex.

So why do some still keep up this charade instead of just admitting that they want to have sex and that’s it. I mean if you are adult enough to have sex than you should be adult enough to own up to it. I mean whose life is it anyway?

So when a couple begins to use the word “love” within a week you have to begin to wonder if they don’t mean lust instead. I mean lust is not something to be afraid of, but don’t confuse it with love, because the two words have entirely different meanings. Or is that after that week¬†of non-stop sex you don’t want it end, even though you know in your heart that it’s already over. So in order to avoid the goodbye you tell everyone you are getting married, even though you both know that the marriage will be over quicker then the actual wedding.

Is falling in love being confused with being in lust?

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