Like most people I know, I talk a lot about cutting back on how much I spend but never seem to be able to actually save any money each month. It feels like one of those old cartoons in which one of the characters tries to plug a leak only to have another leak spring up immediately from some other place.

Reduce Your Monthly BillsOne month I tried to cut back on dining out, but then I spent a lot more than usual on the fun little DIY projects my friends and I worked on instead of chatting over dinner and drinks.

The next month was another disastrous attempt to reduce my spending.

I went back to dining out since cutting down on my nights out simply was not going to work for any extended length of time. Instead, I tried to discontinue my practice of grabbing a big cup coffee on the way to work, but I ended up spending the money I would have saved each time I became desperate for anything that would get me quickly caffeinated. If I was going to succeed in truly cutting costs, I would have to find a way to reduce my spending without changing anything about my lifestyle.

After racking my brain for quite some time, I happened upon a website called Allconnect. The site featured all kinds of options for cable and Internet services coming from different providers, and it even featured utilities as well. I typed in my address and searched for a cable and Internet bundle in the hope that I could find something a bit cheaper than my current service. To my surprise, I was able to find a package from Dish Network that actually offered more channels than I previously had with Comcast XFINITY.

At half the rate of my Comcast service, the Dish Network package provided me with 15 more channels and included all of my favorite premium options so I wouldn’t have to miss out on the new season of Girls on HBO. Thanks to Allconnect, I am now able to say that I successfully cut down on my monthly spending, and I am more than grateful that I can continue to enjoy a night out with friends along with my morning coffee without feeling guilty about spending too much each month.

Below are three examples of bills before and after switching to AllConnect.




photo credit: Quoffee via photopin (license)

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