From the moment we are born, society has a set of rules and understandings that we must live by.

We must adhere to them in order to maintain our freedoms and what we want to be. By bending to what society wants, are we sacrificing who we really are? We are raised to believe that for the most part we are the masters of our destiny. We can be whatever we want to be. We can achieve anything that is the grasp of our own fingertips.

Courtesy SXC

Courtesy SXC

What if this is all a lie for women in society?

What if we are not going after what we want, but what others want for us.  What if by sheer coincidence the hopes and dreams we have set for us in the future have been set up for us? What if we have been set up and placed into a trap? Now, this is not a question but more or less a statement.

Take, for example, a friend of mine. She had the chance to achieve certain things for herself and she worked very hard to get to it. but over time certain things within society started to impress upon her that she was wasting her time. she had a dream of doing this or that. Instead of being encouraged she was bullied into believing that her dreams were false. She was bullied into letting go of herself and just do as she was told. Now you can’t tell me that this is not a disgrace!

Instead of continuing on with her dreams, she decided that it was a waste of time. She, in turn, bent to what they wanted from her. My friend had the best artistic abilities with dance and song, but she was removed from this path, due to external forces. Now, why did this happen? Now of course there are many reasons for this happening, but the main idea behind it has to do with society.

The way society continues to treat women and others in the like.

We are discouraged from our dreams and constantly being fed the lie that society knows best, but how can society know what is best for us?

How can society know us better then we do? Instead of writing our own rules and living our lives as our own, we build up this facade and do what others expect from us. I mean we are guilty of it. We marry someone from a good pedigree background instead of doing what our hearts want us to do. We put off doing something for us because someone else needs their needs met first. We decide to embark on the journey of child-bearing and motherhood without even stopping to ask if it is something that we want. 

Why do we do this?

Because in our society if you do not have children there is something wrong with you.  Having a child is part of what society wants from us, what we are expected to do. What if having a child is not what you want? What if instead of getting that rush of excitement from marrying into a good family and having children, you break out into panic mode? What if this is not what we want? Yet the irony is that for all other matters of the heart and soul, we stand our ground.

What is it about certain situations for the evil eye of society to make us stop cold, and make us forget who we are?

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