Kim Kardashian has been a household name ever since 2007, when her sex tape with singer Ray J catapulted her, and the rest of her family, to celebrity status. While the whole family is constantly under the scrutiny of the media and public eye, Kim is typically at the forefront and has arguably endured the greatest share of criticism over the fact that she is basically famous for being famous. Jon Hamm called her stupid one time. That’s the kind of flack Kim Kardashian gets.

Currently, Kim is pregnant with Kanye West’s child. What has been amazing to see is what feels like the world’s fascination with the pregnancy. Kim has always been a more curvaceous celebrity, so it is no surprise that Kim’s body looks different during her pregnancy than other celebrities have in the past. However, what is surprising is the social response to her body. There is extreme focus in the media on Kim’s weight gain. It is absolutely natural, and healthy, to gain weight during pregnancy, but for some reason, we can’t seem to accept Kim’s new body. Many people have even gone so far as to call Kim “fat”. While I dislike anyone using the word “fat” to describe others, it’s really disheartening to see that word used to describe a pregnant woman, whose body is going through many uncontrollable changes. I don’t think anyone would ever even think to call a pregnant woman “fat” in seriousness about a woman who was not a celebrity, and especially not a celebrity such as Kim Kardashian. Internet trolls feel they have more license to use negative words to describe her pregnancy because of the criticism she has always received. But pregnancy is a very sensitive time in a woman’s life and there is no need to add on negativity about something that is supposed to be a beautiful, positive thing.

But, I really had to do some thinking on my own about Kim’s pregnancy and my thoughts about it. I will admit, I was confused when I first saw Kim’s pregnant body, but only because it looks different from what I’m used to seeing. I realized that as someone who has not been surrounded by pregnancy too much in her personal life, my major view of pregnancy is what I see in the media, that of pregnant celebrities. What separates Kim from many celebrities is her body type. What we are used to seeing is actresses and singers who are typically no bigger than a size two getting pregnant, so just their stomachs seem to grow and they still look tiny other than their new bellies. However, since Kim is not a size two normally, her body expands differently than we’re used to, and people are having a hard time registering the way she looks. Those who are not used to seeing a pregnant body such as Kim’s need to realize that pregnancy bodies, just like any other body, come in all shapes and sizes, and should be celebrated, not criticized.

Also adding to the criticism over Kim’s new body is that she is seemingly still dressing the way that she had been before the baby bump. We are used to seeing pregnant women dress a certain way – an expanding stomach means more flowy tops and less skin-tight leather skirts. However, Kim continues to wear the clothes she wants to wear, which just so happen to be skin-tight leather skirts. This just fuels the fire of the critics, who call her “fat” because she does not fit into her clothes the way she used to.

I just do not understand the desire to call a woman fat during her pregnancy, just because she does not fit our pre-conceived notion of what a woman-with-child is supposed to look like. Kim is seemingly ushering in a new era of pregnant women, who rather than hide their bellies decide to embrace their curves and ever-changing waistlines. Rather than criticizing Kim for looking “fat” and not hiding her new figure, we should be applauding her for not being afraid to show off her newly renovated curves. It’s time to drop our focus on the female body in general, especially during a time that is so life changing as pregnancy. I don’t care anyone’s thoughts on pregnant Kim Kardashian, her pregnancy body is what it is, and we don’t have a right to criticize it just because it might not make sense to us.

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  • Kay-tee

    Great Article. I think the media has always focused on the weight gain portion of celebrities whether they started a size 2 or not. Checking out in the supermarket or even listening to the news sometimes you read or hear “they gained 50,60,70lbs during their pregnancy how are they going to get the baby weight off?” The media criticizes women for putting on “too much weight” and celebrates women who take it off quickly, sometimes going to extreme lengths to do so. Unfortunately this media trend like so many others becomes society’s status quo too.