Are you looking for a healthy natural ways to get a glowing, smooth complexion? As the body’s largest organ, it’s important to take care of your skin.

Look no further than your kitchen. There are several foods with powerful health benefits for the skin.

Keep in mind, you cannot eat junk food every day and expect to have healthy skin.

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Trying to achieve healthy skin?
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Get healthy skin from the inside out with these 6 nutritious foods:


Do you often have itchy, dry skin? Avocados are one of the best foods to eat to help sooth dry skin. The essential oils and B-complex vitamins found in avocados will help keep your skin moisturized and soft. You can enjoy this delicious fruit in a variety of forms from guacamole to an avocado smoothie. Take advantage of the benefits for your skin by eating the avocados on a regular basis, or feel free to make your own mask by removing the seeds and mashing the avocados into a creamy mixture.


Do you struggle with breakouts? Enjoying a mango daily could help. A lack of vitamin A in the diet can cause acne. Mangoes provide an abundance of vitamin A to help repair skin cells and keep skin healthy. This sweet and delicious fruit can be added to salads, yogurts or smoothies.

Cottage Cheese

You don’t just have to turn to fruit to keep skin moisturized. Surprisingly, cottage cheese is not only good for your bones, but also your skin. This tangy, creamy cheese contains selenium, which can help sooth dry skin and fight off dandruff.


Cucumbers help relieve irritation and keep skin hydrated. Enjoy cucumbers in your salad every day to keep your skin at its best. It also helps to place cucumbers on the eyes with a facial mask to reduce eye puffiness.


Salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the skin. These healthy fats can help reduce breakouts and reduce fine lines. The best part? It is a lean, quick and easy dish to make for lunch or dinner.

Sunflower Seeds

Filled with vitamin E, sunflower seeds help protect skin from the sun and slow down the signs of aging. These flavorful seeds make a tasty, healthy snack or can add crunchy flavor to a cup of yogurt.

Eating these foods and cleansing your skin daily will help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. These are all fairly common foods you may be already eating. Enjoying these foods on a regular basis will help you see results. If you make an effort to include one or two of these foods in your diet daily, your skin will thank you.

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