Courtesy SXC

Courtesy SXC

The key to staying healthy is making sure that you’re mentally healthy too. Most of us spend the majority of our week at work. This can be a perfect time for your body and mind to go into panic mode or relaxed mode. I’m sure you know which one’s better for you.

Here are seven ways to de-stress while you’re at work. Also, you can do all of these at your desk.

Take your well-deserved break

You’re given a break for a reason. Even if you’re running behind or think you can tough out your day without a break, you shouldn’t. You need to give your body and mind a quick rest. This will be the easiest thing to do in the entire list. Refill your water bottle, take a walk around the building or eat your lunch outside. You deserve a break.

Buy some aromatherapy lotion to de-stress

This is a good way to de-stress in front of your co-workers without them knowing. Buy some aromatherapy lotion and store it at your desk. There are some great smelling scents that naturally give you some peace of mind. You can grab a small one from Bath & Body Works or something bigger and maybe cheaper somewhere else. Either way, make sure you love the scent. The lotion will obviously keep your hands soft and while you work you can give yourself a few whiffs to clam your nerves.

Bring in the headphones and find a killer playlist

Invest in some killer headphones and think of a cute way to make sure they don’t leave your desk. For example, get some cute duct tape to keep your headphones taped to your desk or buy a crazy color. After you’ve found the perfect ones, find the kind of music that suits you. I love using Songza at work. The website is sort of like Pandora but instead of song-based playlists, it will give you moods to choose from. You can go from a mellow or warm playlist to motivational or earthy. If you’re feeling adventurous, visit the activities section. It’ll give you a good laugh and you may find your perfect playlist.

Close your eyes and meditate

Sometimes all you need is a few minutes alone. This can be hard at work and may be hard at your desk. If you can’t close your eyes for too long at your desk, find a small room or even visit the ladies’ room to get some alone time. Once you’ve found your spot, close your eyes. Focus on breathing and think about all of the good things you have going for you. Empowerment and a good attitude can lead to great success. And you can’t think of anything that’s going your way, just clear your mind. It’ll make room for the positive energy to slip right in.

Visit a calming website

Visiting Facebook at work can become upsetting and Pinterest may be a little overwhelming when you just need a de-stressing website. Try and find your inner peace. You’ll need some headphones again for this one. The website gives you a few options for the amount of calming time you need. You’ll hear a voice lead you through the nicest, most relaxing time you can get in your office. I use the two minute option and it’s a nice pick-me-up when I’m getting worn down. Also, the background video and relaxing sounds change every time you refresh the page. Plus, you can download Calm’s free app that will give you the same relaxation anywhere. There’s a 99 cent upgrade that lets  you have more options.

Write a to-do list to ease your brain

Sometimes getting your thoughts and stress on paper will prevent you from obsessing over them. Make a daily to-do list that will put your thoughts in order and also gives you the satisfaction of crossing off items with a big fat marker. Success! I suggest a planner because organization is key to a less stressful life. Although, a to-do list on a sticky note is a step in the right direction if you’re not the planner-type.

Plan reminders with your phone

It’s hard to remember all of the things you promised people you’d do. Grab your iPhone and use it to make alarms (with descriptions!) and set up events in your calendar for small and big things. I have an alarm that goes off at 3:27 p.m. from Monday through Friday to remind me to download a certain video. If I didn’t have the alarm, I would probably forget it. It’s just one less thing I have to stress about.

I hope these tips help you out. If you have some suggestions, share with us in the comments below!

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