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In this day and age, most men are becoming very comfortable admitting that they are gay. Still, no matter how far we have come, there are still plenty of men who are afraid to admit it. Many of them are still afraid of what family and friends will think. But what about the girlfriend? What about the wife?

The unsuspecting wife or girlfriend

I have got news for you, most women already have a good idea if their husband or boyfriend is gay. Contrary to popular belief, many women stay quiet because they don’t want to feel like the idiot and bring it up, especially when it’s not true.  So they keep quiet. But this is not doing a service to either of you. Both of you are staying quiet out of fear. He is also afraid to come out because of how it will change his life and he’s not ready for that.  For those women that are not entirely 100% sure if he is gay or not, there are some clues to keep an eye peeled for.

The tell-tale signs that your boyfriend/husband is gay

He may not have been distant in the beginning, but he is now. The two of you rarely see one another. Any of this sound familiar to some of you ladies? When you do make plans, it’s only for one night. You have dinner. Maybe you stay at his place, but the next day you head out. The reason being, he has other plans. He has plans that you are not invited to. Ladies, if you think that he might be seeing another woman, think again. This is not the case.

Does he have a history with other men

If the two of you are watching a movie and he comments on a very hot guy, than this could be a trigger. Now there are many guys out there who make comments about other men. I view it as a sign that they are confident in who they are. But there is a difference between commenting on a cute guy and checking them out in an obvious and painful manner. If you find that your man’s sexual history consisted of man-on-man action, especially when he has received oral sex, he is gay. Even if it only happened once, it still happened. Don’t play the unsuspecting wife or girlfriend with this one.

Does he call you his girlfriend when the two of you barely see one another?

Most straight guys will let you know if you are his girlfriend or not, even those who don’t like to share emotions. If your man calls you his girlfriend to everyone in his life, but you, this is a sign. Does he aggressively kiss you when others are around, then turn cold when the two of you are alone? Your guy is fighting a lot of demons inside. He is trying to balance who he really is, with how others want to see him.

If you notice any of these things, don’t panic. Just sit down and discuss it with him. Let him know that you love him no matter what. Impress upon him that your friendship is still there. Reassure him that his biggest fears will not be realized. Because if they are, that will force him even further back into the closet.  And you will be left with the damages.

What will you do if your guy is gay?

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