giving up

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We all have dreams or aspirations we aspire to. But for some of us those dreams seem harder to reach and attain than others. But you can make it. No matter what your dreams are, you can make it. You just need to believe in yourself and find your passion.

Dancing my way to the top.

Have you ever seen a movie called Fame? Not soon after the movie made it big, they developed a show by the same title. I remember watching that show and loving what it represented. It not only represented a moral compass, but it also represented the idea of going after your dreams, no matter what obstacles lie in your path. I used to be a dancer when I was younger. I remember training and training. It’s the same kind of schedule that any other athlete will go through. In fact many sports star train in ballet to keep their ligaments limber. I trained for ten years.

My years as a dancer may be gone, but I still am reaching to fulfill my dreams.

I took my artistry and put it into the next best thing, writing.

I have been following my dream as a writer, ever since my days as a dancer left me. Now I am just beginning to realize my potential with my skills and my art. But it took me a while to get here. Even after you get there, you still have to keep honing your skills and keep working your way up the ladder. For those of you who are looking to follow your dreams, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips on not giving up on yourself or your dreams.

Find your passion.

It all starts with that ladies and gentlemen. Look to what you are most passionate about. I am passionate about writing and helping others. So I decided to combine the two in the articles that I write for you, my dear readers.  Your true passion will never leave you, no matter what happens.  Even if there are days when you are down, and you will have those days, just remember what inspires you. Even in your darkest hour you have to keep focused on your passion and what inspires you.  I go through my dark moments all the time, even right now. But I just keep visualizing the end goal. I just keeping thinking about my passion and it somehow gets me through.

Learn to regroup.

Always take some time to refocus your energy, I have issues with this all the time. My mindset is always about moving forward.  But sometimes you need to take a step back and visualize things. Take some time for you and let your imagination go. This will give your dreams a bigger chance of succeeding.

God is always with you.

Always remember that God is your silent partner. If you feel that something may not be unfolding the way you thought it would, remember God has a vision. His vision for you is always more rewarding than your vision for yourself. So let the universe take care of things. This is something that I learn every day. Ultimately, it will all work out in your favor. So don’t stress and open up and relax.

Following your dream is just like any other thing in life. It’s a journey, not a destination. Sometimes in order to help your dreams unfold, you need to let go and allow God the wisdom to take care of it. As long as you do your part, God will do his.

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