I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day.

She began telling me about this argument that she and her husband and gotten into. She had spent all day at home and was busy cooking and taking care of things for them. She spent the day doing laundry and things of that nature. So, it was not like she was out shopping and doing things of a frivolous nature.

Her husband was at work and when he came home he expected dinner to be ready for them to eat


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He came in and asked “Is dinner ready yet, because I’m hungry?”

She just shot him a look that read “Are you kidding me right now?”

My friend told me that she had done so many things to attend to around the house that dinner was going to be a little late.

Not a big deal to her, but it was to him.

So she and him than got into a minor argument  and she ended up storming out and slamming the door. He got a beer from the fridge and laid down to watch sports, not having a care in the world. Because to him his work and his world was more important than what she was doing.

Ladies, my question to you is does any of this sound familiar to you? It may not be this particular situation, but something like it. So here is my next question. Why do some men feel that their world and their life is more important than ours? I mean just because some of us don’t have actual jobs that require us to get into our car and punch in a time clock, doesn’t mean that we are not working, am I right ladies?

What many guys don’t seem to GET or UNDERSTAND is that your partner works just as hard as you do and all she wants is to be appreciated for what she does.

So why do so many straight men seem to not get this? Or more importantly not want to get this? When you come home and find your wife in sweats and a ratty old shirt all she wants to be told is that she looks beautiful. That after all of this time, whether kids are a part of the picture or not, that she is the only one that you desire. That is the only thing she cares about. She wants and needs you to sit down with her and actually listen to what she is telling you. And guys I mean actually listen to her, not pretend to listen.

Then zone out and think about the brunette at the office that you’d like to sleep with.  Now, I say that for affect but I’m making a point here.  There are so many straight guys who think they know what women want, and I have met so many of them. All I do is shake my head because they simply do not have a clue. Because to come home and announce that you want to be serviced, and guys you know what I mean by this, is not the way into a woman’s heart or soul. Women need more emotion and feeling, whereas guys only seem to think with their physicality.

Now sex is very important in any relationship, be it gay or straight, but it’s not the be all and end all. Believe it or not, women find it hotter if their guy actually pays attention to them and genuinely listens to them. When he comes home and asks how your day is, that is what women want.  They want to cuddle with you and know that you still want to be in their arms after 15 years or so.

If men really understood women like they claimed, than why do so many of them still only think with the one head?

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