I am someone who has never cared about Valentine’s Day.

Throughout my twenty-three years, I have had a date only once for Valentine’s Day and it was really nothing special. It was actually the opposite of special; He bought me two boxes of chocolate even though my friend advised him to get me anything BUT chocolate.

People act like giving and receiving chocolates is such a romantic gesture, but I frankly don’t get that. It’s just a fallback gift for when you can’t think of something personal to get the person you’re supposed to be showing your affection for.

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Cue the romantic music!

I’ve just never understood people who choose to make a big deal out of the day. Sure, it’s nice to show you care about someone, but just do that any old day you feel like it. You don’t need to reserve showing someone you love them for one day during the year. I’m already dreading the number of pictures of flowers that are going to appear on my Instagram newsfeed on February 14th. Because let’s be real, your feed is going to be filled to the brim with roses (and also far more hearts than they’re already filled with).

I’m also someone who doesn’t think we need to reserve Valentine’s Day to do something else. There are people who try to make February 14th an anti-Valentine’s Day or a day to show your friends you love them. That’s nice, I guess, but I personally don’t understand why we even need to do that. To me, February 14th is just another day. I feel that makes me come off sounding bitter, but that’s honestly how I feel and I know that I’m not bitter, so that’s all that matters to me. My opinion of myself trumps all other opinions of me (I really am not bitter, you have to believe me).

I personally know some people who get upset over Valentine’s Day and get hung up on the fact that they’re dateless and have no one to celebrate with. My advice to these people is to just forget about the day being “special” because it doesn’t have to be. If you want to celebrate it, by all means, go ahead and celebrate the day. But if you don’t want to, it won’t kill anyone if you don’t acknowledge the fact that Valentine’s Day exists. There’s no reason to get upset over nothing. Because that’s what it means if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day: nothing. It doesn’t make you any worse of a person or devalue you.

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You’re the same person, regardless of what day it is.

Despite what you may think, Valentine’s Day is absolutely a holiday you can avoid thinking about or acknowledging. It’s not like Christmas where the one day has turned into an entire season and is thrown at you on television and in stores for months prior, giving you more than enough time to prepare. Sure, Valentine’s decorations and gifts are up at drug stores now, but you can easily walk past that one aisle and carry on with your life. Simple as that. And on the bright side, candy after February 14th is extremely discounted, so we all win there.

There is no reason to let this Hallmark holiday overpower you. For let us not forget the roots of Valentine’s Day: Saint Valentine was burned at the stake. I’m not 100% sure why because I didn’t pay attention in Sunday School, but a fiery death sure doesn’t sound romantic to me. Call me old fashioned, but it just doesn’t. It was society who changed the meaning of Valentine’s Day, and it’s up to us all to take it back.

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