When it comes to matters of the heart dear readers why do we always put our true feelings on the backburner?

Let’s say we really like this guy and we would really something to happen.

Yet we are so afraid to take chances.

I mean some of us may not be, but there is still a large group of us who are afraid to take the plunge.

Why is that? Why are some of us still so afraid to put ourselves out there? I mean we tell our friends stories about how we roam the streets looking for the right guy. But are we really doing everything that we say we are? We can have a great dinner conversation with some girlfriends about the cute guy next door and about how we lust after him. We also spin yarns about our mission and our goal to get him to notice us by a certain date. But is this all talk? I mean could it be that we are putting up this façade for everyone, including our friends. Could it be that we are just too scared to be the woman that we put forth to our friends?

Let’s say that we have a friend who is always getting the guy and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. How do we really react around that? I mean do some of us look at ourselves and feel that we are not worthy enough to be that woman. We just play the game with our friends in order to play it safe. If we are doing that, what does that say about us? I mean have we become all talk about wanting this guy or that guy. Are we just doing to save face because we don’t want others to see the real us?

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So, it begs the question: What if we really are playing it safe?

What if when it comes to love we are scared to take the next step? And if this is the case, why are we afraid to take the next step? Is it because we already know we are not good enough for him? Or we just instinctively know inside that it won’t work out, so we just take out the middle man right away. Are we that sure that it will not work out in our minds that we take away the possibilities?

What if we are taught at a very early age to cut him loose before he does it to us. And if we are doing this what possibilities could we be closing the door on?

I mean could be we be saying a big fat “no” to the guy that could be meant for us, without us truly knowing it.  When it comes to love, as women, we are master manipulators. We are the ones who know what buttons to push and when to do it. But what if we are so good that we have begun doing it to ourselves? Can we not see that we are doing this?

We are so good at seeing so many other things, and yet we can’t see this.  We put a stop to something right from the start. We do it to survive the uncertainty, the doubt and the questions. But what if these three thing are only in our minds? What if we are so good that we buy into our own manipulations without a second thought.

When it comes to love, we do we self-sabotage?

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