When you are an outsider looking to the inside of someone else, do they appear happier then they really are? What I mean is– when you look at someone’s smile is it just for show or is it for real?

Say you know a particular couple for years and everyone thinks and assumes that the two of them are perfect for each other. When they go out in public are they doing it to spend time with one another or are they just putting on a show?

The endless parties with their social circuits. Smiling and laughing with friends.

We all assume that they are good for one another and that this man and woman are happy. But what if there is something deeper going on? What if they are hiding who they really are from everyone else? Everyone assumes that just because a couple looks good on paper that they have the best marriage or partnership. We just assume that their sex life is unbelievably amazing. We see the two of them in public barely able to keep their hands off one another. But what if it all ends after the socializing?

troubleOnce they say goodnight to their friends and family and they close the door behind everyone their cold and emotionless feelings take to the surface. I mean one begins to assume that because both he and she are so attractive and hot that they feel that way about one another. But what if they don’t? I mean sure they might have felt that way at some point in the beginning. but like anything else in this world things need time and effort to grow. But that is not the case with this couple. Over time she has become resentful of him because he spends all of his time working. He becomes resentful of her because all she does it shop. She spends his money and that fire and sex that used to burn passionately in the beginning has now turned to coldness and hard words.

Behind the closed doors she shacks off his arms and tells him not to touch her. He just throws up his arms and goes into the other room to watch sports. She begins to fantasize about someone else and so does he. And that in turn, turns their picture perfect partnership into nothing but a shallow lie and void.

What went wrong?

Well it could be any number of things really. She could have lost her liking towards him soon after the names for Prom King were handed out. She was afraid to lose him and she trapped him into being with her. And he might have lost his interest in her when he realized that she did this, but yet by then it was too late. It’s hard to say, but the football jock and prom queen are an age old story. And sometimes what looks good then isn’t looking too good now.

They just toughened up and made the best of it.

Those nights of endless passion now become night of him watching sports and her going out with friends and getting down to some serious retail therapy. And if they have kids than they spend their lives putting up a front for the children and taking care of them. And they do this instead of being honest with their kids and with themselves. And it wouldn’t be that far of  fetch to say that each of them have something new on the side. And both are aware but don’t seem to care. All they both figure is “Hey, as long as he/she is not touching me.” Instead of being known as they used to be as the king and the queen of the prom, they are so aptly playing the pawn and the jester in their courts.

The king and queen have left the building.

So many times that fantasy that we live vicariously through is so often not what it seems.

Why do some things only look good on paper?

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