Somewhere after women’s lib we lost the point. Women seem to feel inadequate if they aren’t married and a mother by the time they are 30. Why? Personally I blame Hollywood for perpetuating the myth that you’re not truly happy until you find the right person. Every Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston movie,tells us that we are a mess until we meet the right person then magically our lives are complete. I don’t see why you can’t be single and happy. I’m here to give you 4 reasons why it’s better to be single in your 20’s and find someone who really fits you later in life.

ID-10045656For starters your probably a mess in your 20’s.

Working a crappy job while you work your way through college. Where your trying to figure out what you want to do and how to do it. Taking classes, dropping classes, sleeping through classes. Meeting guys, dating guys, sleeping with guys. Partying, sleeping late, your rooms a mess. How can you be in a mutually beneficial relationship? You need to take the time to decide what you want from life before you decide who you want in your life.

Financial stability.

This is something everyone strives for. Hopefully by the time you are in your late 20’s or turning 30 you have some idea of a career and are working towards something greater. You have gotten a degree and are on a course. You hopefully have a decent income and can take care of yourself. In my opinion you should never have to rely on someone else. If you can’t take care of yourself you may end up in a bad situation. It also puts untold financial pressure on your significant other and that can never end well. So do your self a favor and make sure you can take care of yourself, don’t expect someone else to do it.

Many women worry about having a kid.

If they don’t find the right person early they may never have kids. They feel their biological clock ticking. This is untrue. Since we are living well into our 80’s and 90’s these days there is no reason why we can’t be having kids in our 30’s. I’m told they are the best years of our lives. Why not add kids into those years?

You don’t have anyone to answer to.

Why would you want to settle down so early when there is so much life to live? Travel. Go all over the world or all of the country. See things you might not get to when you have the responsibility of children, a husband and a full time job. Spend your money how you want! Buy clothes, eat at nice restaurants, see concerts and enjoy your life when it’s just you that you have to worry about.

Hopefully while your figuring out what you want and enjoying your life you will stumble upon that someone who fits you perfectly. Who compliments everything you have done with your life. That’s when you will know its right. Not because Hollywood told you that you had better hurry up and find that person before your life doesn’t make sense.

Make sense of your own life and I promise you, you will find someone who makes sense to you.

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