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We live in an age where sex is the center of everything.

It’s in music, movies, magazines and television. We have created a society that allows sex to grow like a weed. Nearly half of our daily conversations revolve around sex or sexuality. The topic of transgender and sex change are no a longer foreign language to our society. Many people think about sex more than they think about food and money. It’s often said that men think about sex more than women but too much surprise some women think about sex almost as often as men. I saw a post on Instagram where it asked how many women look at a man’s crotch.

There were at least 20 likes within 2 minutes of it being posted and those numbers are rising everyday.

One of my biggest issues with sex today is that there isn’t enough healthy conversation about it. There are tons of pictures of people (teenage and up) who are half-dressed, breasts showing, pants sagging to show the V cut and parts the woman’s butt that should be covered by panties all over social media. People are exploiting sex in a way that not only gives it a bad name but sends out the wrong message. As adults you can do whatever you choose in the confines of your own home, but that changes once you have a younger generation of children watching you.

It’s my opinion that it’s the responsibly of adults who are knowledgeable about sex to teach those who aren’t. They should at least provide some sort of positive and educational guidance and then allow them to make the decision to use it. Pass out condoms, encourage others to get tested or even discuss the pros and cons surrounding it. Discuss ow sexuality not only affects our lives but the people we choose to interact with. Inform people about sexual abuse both verbally and physically. Talk to teenage boys and girls about respecting their bodies. In doing that they will grow to be responsible adults tat can pass on that same knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that sex is bad.

In fact I think that is very normal and healthy to participate in sexual activities. Especially when such activities are in a controlled, safe and monogamous environment. Conversations such as these aren’t confined to young adults, they should flow into happy hour with your girlfriends and beers with the boys. Instead of boasting about a girl who gave it up without a condom and that steamy one night stand you had with what’s his name, think about the actions you are making today and how they will affect your life tomorrow.

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